“Jiteki Jyuku” | “Self-Reliance” School

We are an association of Uechi Ryu Karatedo practitioners as taught by Master Ken Nakamatsu of Okinawa, Japan, and our American Master instructor, Frank Gorman, 9th degree black belt.

Mission Statement: The purpose of the Association is to advance and to perpetuate the study, practice and cultural aspects of traditional Okinawan Uechi-Ryu Karatedo as originally taught per Kanei Uechi. We seek to foster goodwill and provide a teaching assistance platform for Uechi-Ryu Karate to the martial art practitioners of the world.

One shall pursue true passage of their own doctrine. Sorrow and joy should not be affected by the condemnation or praise of others. Self-reliance (belief) is the true nature of being.

We aim to develop and nurture a culture of martial artists, dedicated to a life of strengthening body, mind and spirit; demonstrating self reliance, devoid of ego and self-interest, keeping with the principles and traditions of Uechi-Ryu karate. We keep sacred the traditions of dojo conduct and decorum, providing an example for future generations.

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